Helping you make the decision about risk-reducing ovarian surgery

Contacts & Resources

Here are some links and contact details that you might find helpful (even though we have taken great care in choosing websites from reliable sources please note we are not responsible for the content of these websites)

The Cancer Genetics Story Bank

An online collection of stories told by patients and professionals about cancer genetics, genetic testing and risk-reduction decisions. Developed by the Cancer Genetics Service for Wales (CGSW)

Go to the Cancer Genetics Story Bank

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NHS Choices

A website created by the NHS to provide information to patients. Includes information on ovarian cancer, genetics and genetic testing.

Go to NHS Choices

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A Welsh cancer charity for anyone affected by cancer. Tenovus provides information about cancer via a website, as well as practical and emotional support through the support-line.

Go to Tenovus or call the support-line on 0808 808 10 10

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A UK charity for anyone affected by cancer with information about genetic testing for cancer and mind-body therapies.

Go to Macmillan or call the support-line on 0808 808 00 00

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Target Ovarian Cancer

A UK charity which supports research into ovarian cancer and provides useful information including an ‘Ask the Expert‘ feature. Available in several languages.

Go to Target Ovarian Cancer

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A UK charity providing information and support for everyone affected by ovarian cancer. Includes links to a number of patient blogs.

Go to Ovacome or call the support-line on 0845 3710554

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FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered)

A US based charity providing support, education, advocacy and information on research specific to hereditary cancer focusing on living with and managing ovarian (and breast) cancer risk.


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The BRCA Umbrella

A network for carriers of BRCA mutations with numerous blogs and patient stories and opportunities to network with others via social media.

Go to BRCA Umbrella

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Lynch Syndrome International

A global network led by Lynch Syndrome survivors to support individuals afflicted with Lynch Syndrome. Includes basic information on cancer surveillance and surgery as well as links to professional journals and other resources.

Go to Lynch Syndrome International

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Your GP and/or Genetics Service

There to help you with any questions or concerns.